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Re: Best place to buy MP3+G online???

Some people either don\'t know or simply don\'t care (evident with all the Youtube karaoke around me).

But seriously if you want more up to date and more complete song searches switch from icroons to
where iCroons only list and links to results from 2 download sites - Karaoke Version &
open kj list results and links to not only KV & but also SBI, Zoom & Sunfly US and they are trying to add more all the time. Again some of the sites may be limited to UK only or will show as instrumental only on some songs - but at least you have a better idea of what is available that you might be able to acquire in some manner. And again theirs is set up to update almost daily vs iCroons which update when he feels like it - usually 3 - 5 weeks (that\'s sometimes being generous) after songs have released.

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