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Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Originally Posted by Joe Nieves View Post
You do have the right to make the extra money on your days off, but then their are consequences and conflict of interest involve here (Bar #2 being so close), so cash in your chips and strike the best deal with Bar #1.

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this is just for the sake of conversation, my question is why would there be a conflict of interest? lets say i work for Ford. Co. assembly line installing break lines, and on my days off i work for GM doing the same thing, are you teling me that since i work for GM on my days off you'll cut my pay, if i were the Ford Co. i will ask you to work on your days off, same pay,no overtime pay,and i'll get more break work done..thats what i'm saying if bar#1 doesnt want Bryant to do those days in bar#2, Bryant should ask to have Thurs.added to his tue/sun gig.iIf Bryant is bringing in more people on tue/sun gig, then he might have the same people on thur. that means more revenue on those days.for bar #1
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