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Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Far be it from me to give advice of this type. But i have been at my present club 6 years, and see no chance of leaving any time soon. With that being said, out of loyalty, i personally wouldn't dream of taking a job down the street. My off night or not. I know some guys are into this for the money and money only. But something i personally wouldn't do. I work yard parties, graduations, weddings, that type of thing on my off nights. But i'd never think of giving my own club competition. And that is actually what you're doing.

I bet it is spreading the profits of your regular bar a little thin. This apparently bothers your boss of 5 years. If thats the case, don't worry about who benefits, dump the second job, and show loyalty in return, to the guy who showed you loyalty for 5 years. Hip hop night or not. He is still running entertainment those nights. Lets hope he just doesn't decide to boost his hip hop night by cutting back on karaoke to do it. Good luck whatever you decide.
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