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Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Originally Posted by Joe Nieves View Post
Chances are that the more time you wait for the second conversation the less bargaining chips you'll have at the table.

This is your opportunity to claim or lose a favoable outcome for you, My opinion I would ask him for the additional nights at the regular rate.

He rather have you then the other guy he doesn't know, so show him some gratis for his bithday party or something to seal the deal.

Seems to me he deserves something for the years, and so do you...

Good Luck
He did not even state there would definitely be a second conversation. He simply stated that he thought I may have to take a slight cut in pay if He thinks I draw his customers to another bar on another night where I am working at the other bar. There is NO other guy. There is a Thursday night that he just opened upstairs in his restauraunt, but he is using his current downstairs DJ that he knows very well. He doesn't plan on making any ultimatums such as getting rid of me on the two nights that I do play now (he only mentioned a possible future cut in pay for those nights). I am already working at bar #2 ( a different bar down the street) for the same rate on Thursday.

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