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Thumbs up Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Originally Posted by bryant View Post
Whatya you guys think?
What is going on here, and have you guys run into this sorta thing at all?

What would you suggest I might say to him if we ever do have "that other conversation"?
Chances are that the more time you wait for the second conversation the less bargaining chips you'll have at the table.

This is your opportunity to claim or lose a favoable outcome for you, My opinion I would ask him for the additional nights at the regular rate.

He rather have you then the other guy he doesn't know, so show him some gratis for his bithday party or something to seal the deal.

Seems to me he deserves something for the years, and so do you...

Good Luck
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