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Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Originally Posted by Lonman View Post
Yeah ok. Sorry Bar 1, this is my price & that is what you pay. Bar 2 pays the same amount as does any other bar that hires me.
Only way I would consider any kind of discount is if it was a back to back night where I did not have to break down any equipment and could leave it all set up. In that case I personally do offer a 10% discount off of each additional night from the original price - so if I did two nights at $150 regular night, back to back, the bar would only pay $135 for the 2nd night so instead of $285 for both nights - not a huge discount, but something - with more days the savings is a little more.
But wouldn't consider it just because Bar 1 thinks that bar 2 might take some of his crowd on a night he didn't want to offer karaoke. Especially if it's a hip hop night, completely differently clientelle - at least in my experience.
Thanx, Lon. I actually do leave all my stuff there safely (less than a mile from home) and have no set up on Tuesday. But, it's been that way for five years and that had already been considered in the price way back in the beginning.

I think he figures two nights of karaoke is enough there anyway, he just seems to think that some of his Sun/Tue night crowd may want to come over the new place and sing on Thursday, having less money for them to spend on Sun/Tue as they did before Thursday opened up for me.

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