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Re: New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the ide

Yeah ok. Sorry Bar 1, this is my price & that is what you pay. Bar 2 pays the same amount as does any other bar that hires me.
Only way I would consider any kind of discount is if it was a back to back night where I did not have to break down any equipment and could leave it all set up. In that case I personally do offer a 10% discount off of each additional night from the original price - so if I did two nights at $150 regular night, back to back, the bar would only pay $135 for the 2nd night so instead of $285 for both nights - not a huge discount, but something - with more days the savings is a little more.
But wouldn't consider it just because Bar 1 thinks that bar 2 might take some of his crowd on a night he didn't want to offer karaoke. Especially if it's a hip hop night, completely differently clientelle - at least in my experience.

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