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I'm with billyo on his outlook at making a buck with karaoke. If i had to relie on karaoke for a living, i'd starve to death. I consider it an expensive hobby. If i make a buck or two to help offset my expenses so be it. If i don't, so be it. I do a few freebies, like retirement homes, jail ministry, and youth groups. Also for a special kids dance once in awhile. I am making about the same amount of money as any KJ up around here. I have been at the same american legion club going on 6 years now. Started out at 175.00 a night, i'm up to 200.00 a night, twice a month. Figure in all my new CDG's, and my two chartbuster monthly subscriptions, my new cargo trailer to haul my gear, lighting, new laptop, hoster, rack gear, cables, mics etc.... well you do the math. Where i make a buck are my extra gigs. Weddings, yard parties, graduations, biker gigs, pool parties etc. But it's something to do to get me out of the house and active. Incidently, i'm not sure about the rest of you guys. But i always git double pay on new years eve. If you don't, you should be. Merry Christmas
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