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Originally Posted by dpatz View Post
This is spearheaded by Tony Walstra VP of marketing, Stellar Records ( Pop Hits Monthly) with Sound Choice And Chartbusters being members. Trying to stop piracy.
My understanding is Eric Godfrey from USKAROKEEALLIANCE, spearheaded the KIAA along with Kurt Slef of Sound Choice, who was selling downloading karaoke files from a Website in Australia that was illegal for use in the US because they hadn't paid the US fees to get rights to the songs. Stellar Records came on board after that, and, according to statements alledgedly made by Stellar Records, says even putting the karaoke files on a computer is illegal, in their eyes.
The reason i'm asking questions is there is no movement on the KIAA website, except to ask for money to join? Just try to get in touch with a human at their website, good luck!!!!
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