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I too have the same problem with my Optiarc 1100A from MTU. However, I purchased mine quite a while back and have used it extensively for testing. I don't know if there is a driver update (haven't researched it yet), but there could be. Check Sony and NEC websites to see if they have one.
I also had a problem in the past with some CD blanks that I had for a long time. None of them have worked for a long time. I had to get a new supply of discs from MTU to continue burning.

Things to try:
Make sure you have all the Custom Updates from Microsoft (except the Hardware updates).
Clean the drive with a cleaner disc.
Check for driver and firmware updates at NEC and Sony.
If you have Nero or Roxio make sure they don't have anything starting up in the Startup folder of the Menu.
If your drives are getting old, then think about getting a newer one from MTU. Make sure your computer will take a Sata drive before you order though as that is the type they are shipping now.
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