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Originally Posted by Lonman View Post
I use a dbx 166 on the system overall output, a dbx 266XL on two backup mics, 2 Symetrix 501 for 2 main mics - however these are no longer made, the closest equivalent would be the dbx 160A. These are single channel compressors, probably not feasable for most. I would recommend a dbx 166XL simply because it's a nice compressor for the price plus has a limiter built in - good for those screamers. The 266XL is also a nice unit without the limiter built in.
Now another really good unit is the dbx 1046 - it's is a 4 channel compressor with limiter in a one space rack.
If I get this dbx166xl you recommend, do I hook it up between the wireless mic receiver (4 mics controlled here) and mixer, the mixer and amp(which you may remember I have bass and highs), or between amps and speakers(wouldn't think it would be there, though)?

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