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Originally Posted by gotrich View Post
I have XP, I have changed nothing, and only a few are in the bad file log. I tried to do all 7000+ songs at one time and after a few hundres it would give me an error..I would just go to the last song it converted. Slecet the song and try to finish. and every few hundred songs it would dtop and then work. Now it just goes through the motion says it converting..takes its time...and then when done those songs are not in the folder.

I moved all of the done songs out of the folder to a folder inside of the original one. Now it seems to be working fine again. Of cours every few hundred songs it stops and I just restart from the last song finished..and it continues...not sure
Are you using the delete files option when you are doing this? There is another thread I started a while back that someone else verified and replicated this. In my case, Songverter would process exactly half of the files each time, and I would have to start over at the pont where the error stopped. All my folders contain 18 files, it would do 9, then 5, then 3, then 2, then the last one.
It didn't matter which files or which order the files were processed, they all got done, but only 1/2 at a time (rounded up). But they all would go at once when I would NOT check "delete original".

Admin, I wonder if these two conditions are tied together somehow.

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