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Originally Posted by flipper View Post
1. so if I had a program like Roxbox or other MP3G program the file would work just fine and would work with their search engine to find the file etc.?

2.I'm doing some recording and the older version of that program as it has a record button so I would like to record with it if possible.

3. My main hosting is all being done with MTU Hoster. But this is for home use only.
Yes, we have fully supported converting KMA files to MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, BIN, ZIP (any+G format), and even stripping the lyrics and converting to MP3, WMA, WAV audio only.

Also, Microstudio 4.004 can take any mix of Karaoke and Audio files and write them as separate tracks on either a CDG Karaoke or CD Audio disc. This includes KMA and all the other formats above.

1. We can't answer if their search will work with our files or not. Try naming any file to what you would with Songverter, and see if they recognize/index it. I would EXPECT them to do this, but don't know how flexible their filename recognition is.

2. Hoster 4.00x will allow recording and mixing internally or externally (with a mix console), always recording to a temp.wav file. If you click the Save As... button, you can save it to "yourfilename.wav" before the next recording.

3. We will offer an upgrade from prior Hoster versions to 4.0xx next month. We have a lot of web scripts to get functional and tested. Initial 4.0 release will be early December (we hope!), then an upgrade will be made available later December.
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