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Originally Posted by MikeP View Post
Not sure I understand your question.
I have made several responses in this thread.
If you are referring to previous threads etc, I usually find I am fully occupied with ongoing beta testing.

NoI was referring to this thread.

I posted right from the very beginning that a mono could be resampled as stereo, agreed it would be two mono tracks, explained athat the 8 bit mono vs 16 bit stereo would be the resulting improvement, and you act like I'm surprised at you finally agreeing with me that it could be done, which Bryant acted like he was hearing it for the first time in your post, and on and on.....good grief.

All that considered, my WOW post was sarcasm (not directed at you) which should have been obvious to a tester with a trained eye, because this is a sarcastic face.

Case closed. No need beating it to death. I too have better things to do.
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