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Hey ya'll,
When trying to compose in KHP a song that you don't sing or even know, it's kinda hard to get timing so here's what I have done to help with this.

Extract wav of cdg from CD
Extract wav of original artist singing
Use a wav editing program to stretch or shrink length of song to be exactly the same on both. I use SoundForge. (this must be done from the begining of sound to end beat, not the end of fade) I add the same amount of silence to beginning and same amount of time from end beat to end of wav.
Song also should be same amount of measures front to end. If not that can be modifoed also with some creativity.

Then load edited original artist wav to sync lyrics. Now you have a vocal to follow. When done replace wav with cdg extracted wav and eveything will be at least close. You can then make minor adjustments as needed.

It works.

I really don't have a problem with songs I know. After creating a few and getting the hang of it, it really only takes one or two takes to complete.

Smile, and be number 1 suspect for sure.
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