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Originally Posted by jahern
Admittedly, I haven't done it this way, but I think that the most recent versions of KHPRO allow for re-doing sections of the song without having to do the whole thing again.
NO, that may be in the future

Once you have swept the entire song, you can go back through it and make adjustments to the sync in the adjust lyrics screen, but not sweep or re-sweep a portion of a song. If you stop at any point in the sweep process, you must start over.

And yes, the more proficient you get at it, doing it in one or two passes is commonplace....I know. You must be quite familiar with the timing between instrumentation and lyrics, just as does a Karaoke singer.

It even helps to sing along as you do it, tapping the spacebar to your own voice reinforces the timing you see on the screen, and becomes second nature. You simply tap as you sing.

Jimbo is right on regarding a master template, and he is also correct concerning a 10-5 minute start to finish on most songs working in KHP.


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