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They may be talking about being able to do songs one section at a time instead of the whole song in one pass. Or maybe being able to do the chorus once and then copy and paste to the next chorus.

One helpful hint is to have a master template file. Just make sure you rename the file when you import lyrics and music. That way all the songs come the same without having to set up all the lyrics sizes, intro screen, etc. everytime you do a song.

When working with KHPro you have to do the whole song in one pass. Sometimes this is a bummer because you get to the end and make mistakes you have to redo the whole thing. What I have started to do is to listen to the music all the way through with the lyrics printed in front of me and practice the song once before I do it. That way I know if I've goofed on any of the lyrics and am doubly sure of the timing. It may take me an extra 5 minutes per song to start with, but it's better than having to do the song 4 times. I can now do a song, start to finish, if I have the lyrics, in about 10 to 15 minutes. Some longer, some shorter. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. The more you do it the better you become.

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