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Re: Changing the Font Size on Song List

Originally Posted by Wrahn View Post
My problem with MicroStudio has been fixed. It was the result of user error.
Since my current songs.mdb is now fine, but my printed songbook is not correct, should I just re-print the songbook using the entire songs, and merge all the karaoke songs into the folder MTU/Karaoke Files and get rid of the newer folders and my ADDED songbook pages? The songbook only has 54 pages using 12 point font, so it\\\\\\\'s not that big of a deal. The merge is more difficult a task for me.
Seeing as it is only 54 pages I would just reprint it. I see no need to merge any folders if you are happy now that the songs.mdb is fine.
Once you have printed an entire songbook you can press the (Zero new release button) then when you want to just add new pages for songs since the full book creation select that radio button to just print those.
Originally Posted by Wrahn View Post
Next, how do I do it without changing the songs.mdb? Also, where do I download new songs into my main laptop and then into my back up laptop, do I make another folder ? I know how to establish a new ADDED songs page for my songbook, when I download new songs, so that wonít be a problem.

Thanks again to dependable Roy and others for helping me and others when we donít know what we are doing. Remember what they say, BACKUP/RESTORE, it will save you hours of work.

The way I do it: I download the songs into an existing folder that I already have indexed, import them via the import songs dialog as we have already discussed.

Now that they are imported into the database I copy just the newly imported files from the folder to the same folder of the backup.
To make these easier to sort through and find just the new imports in the folder I use the (sort by) option. If you open the folder so that you can see all the files in the folder, right click on a blank area in the folder you should get a fly out list of options, one of which is Sort by, selecting that exspands to another window with more options, at the bottom of that window you should see More selecting that brings up a list with options you want to have appear in the actual sort options list, tick the box for (Date Aquired). Now when your in the open folder of your files right click again choose sort by then Date acquired.
It should then list all the newly imported files together depending whether you had the other option set to ascending or decending they will either be listed first or last making it easy to select just the newest files, make sure your seeing both the original music files and the KMH header file.

Once they are in the folder of the Backup computer open the Tools/Songs Database/Build Database, now look down the list of folders bottom left and select the folder path you just copied to then press the Rescan Button. It will now scan just that folder and add the new kmh files to the existing database, you should see a message when finished added xx new files.

As I say that is how I do it difference with mine is the backup uses an external usb drive to store the music on which makes it easier to copy files from original.
My main computer drive is partitioned as C & E so my music files are on the E partition and my usb when connected to the backup is listed as E drive.
This would make no difference to the above instructions for copying to your backup, Do you do it via a network link or other ?
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