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Re: Changing the Font Size on Song List

My problem with MicroStudio has been fixed. It was the result of user error. I had the folder, Karaoke CD+g, copied into itself as a sub folder and Iím sure it confused the program. That folder was removed, and the MicroStudio problem was solved.

However, in solving the problem I accessed areas I has not knowledgeable about and messed up the Hoster program. So after much work and some guidance, what I now have is a Hoster that works, but some of the IDs are changed from what I have in my printed songbook.

All my problems, after solving the CD+g error, could have been solved without a lot of errors if I had only followed the advice of Roy and others: to always click BACKUP so you have a RESTORE option when you try to fix what you break.

One of the things I think caused me problems, was trying to replace songs that were now missing by using the database repair and messing with the duplication of songs titles.

My current Karaoke files are in these folders on my hard drive:
These were the first ones I installed
C:/MTU/Karaoke Files
C:/MTU/Karaoke Audio
C:/MTU/Karaoke CD+g

And when I stated adding more songs I added the folders indicated below so I could transfer them to my backup laptop without downloading into MTU/Karaoke Files and then having to copy the entire files to the backup. I also created an ADDED SONGS part to my printed songbook to list the added songs from the new folders , so my printed book was current.
C:/MTU/ All Star Karaoke
C:/MTU/All Star Karaoke2
C:/MTU/80ís Hits,

Since my current songs.mdb is now fine, but my printed songbook is not correct, should I just re-print the songbook using the entire songs, and merge all the karaoke songs into the folder MTU/Karaoke Files and get rid of the newer folders and my ADDED songbook pages? The songbook only has 54 pages using 12 point font, so it\'s not that big of a deal. The merge is more difficult a task for me.

Next, how do I do it without changing the songs.mdb? Also, where do I download new songs into my main laptop and then into my back up laptop, do I make another folder ? I know how to establish a new ADDED songs page for my songbook, when I download new songs, so that wonít be a problem.

Thanks again to dependable Roy and others for helping me and others when we donít know what we are doing. Remember what they say, BACKUP/RESTORE, it will save you hours of work.


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