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Re: Changing the Font Size on Song List


I think I found what my problem was. I used to have my songs at this location in these folders:

C:/programdata/mtu/hoster/Karaoke files

It took too long when doing a backup, so based on advice, I moved them to this location here:

C:/MTU/Karaoke Files
C:/MTU/Karaoke Audio
C:/MTU/Karaoke CD+g

I also added these folders at the same location as I added more songs, so I didn\\\\\\\'t have to copy the entire list into my BACKUP when I did an update:

C:/MTU/ All Star Karaoke
C:/MTU/All Star Karaoke2
C:/MTU/80ís Hits,

I looked at my folders to see if there was a possible problem when loading into Microstudio. When I opened the CD+g Folder I saw a bunch of other folders for the CD+g songs that were added. I opened one of the individual song folders, and within that folder the main folder, CD+g was replicated. So, I removed that version of CD+g and noticed an improvement to opening MicroStudio.

I also noticed, when I open the MicroStudio playlist, that I was missing some of the songs that were in my songbook for Hoster. When I looked at the MTU folders, the songs were still where the had been, but they would not open onto my playlist. So, I started to delve into the complicated process of cleaning up my database, without the benefit of any understanding or advice from you or others. I think I might have messed up my Hoster database on my MASTER laptop.

Fortunatly, since I always copy my songs and programdata - mtu - Hoster information onto my backup computer, my BACKUP computer will still open the missing songs into the playlist

So, I have the situation where the songs on my MASTER are the same as what is on my BACKUP, but MASTER can\\\\\\\'t load some of them onto the playlist, but the BACKUP computer works fine.

I figured out how to look at the song.mdb folders for both computers and they are slightly different, and the problem is the MASTER database is missing the songs that will not load into the playlist.

So, how do I only replace the MASTER database with the BACKUP computer database which seems to be correct, but still keep the other infomation that is unique to the MASTER computer, such as the latest playlists and singer information?

Also, is there a layman\\\\\\\'s guide to the relationship of the saved songs, the database, and how to load new songs and what happens when we edit songs.

What I have gathered, and you might correct my thinking, is the songs are loaded into the computer and saved on the hard drive in folders in the MTU folder. When they are being loaded, the information is also loaded into the songs.mdb located at ProgramData - mtu-Hoster and when you edit a songs the changes are made to the songs.mdb. If the songs at MTU are moved to a different location, they will not be recognized until the database information is changed, which is not an easy thing to do.

Roy, based on messing into Hoster when I really didn\\\\\\\'t know or understand what I was doing, but I still have learned more than I knew, but that\\\\\\\'s not a smart way to learn.

Thanks again for all your help and the videos you have on YouTube,


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