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Re: EQ program

Breakaway was complicated looking when all I was wanting was a simple EQ.

I searched and could not believe how few options there are for EQs. I guess most stuff like this is built in to software now and a stand alone EQ is not cost effective to produce.

I just downloaded the Profound Sound EQ (only $4.95) and will test it later today.

Since I'm using and external sound card it may or may not work so I'll let you guys know if it does.

As always, thank you for the suggestions and taking time to help the resident equipment newbie!

I certainly have a new found respect for KJs! All these years of going to karaoke shows to sing, it looked easy to be the KJ guy (especially with the babes all winkin at ya!) but I'm finding out now there quite a bit that goes in to trying to have decent sound.
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