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Re: Windows 7 or 8 for Hoster

Originally Posted by Skybird74 View Post
HP gives you a choice. Win7 is considered a downgrade from Win8.

I Googled it and what I read is "IF" you buy a system with Win8 "PRO" (more expensive) there is a way to back down to Win7.

This is an excerpt from the article:

Hewlett-Packard is typical: It does not support downgrades of consumer-grade Windows 8 PCs to Windows 7. But if you buy a machine loaded with Windows 8 Pro, you can make the jump. HP's policy is based on Microsoft's licensing terms, which support downgrade rights only to new PCs preloaded with Windows 8 Pro, the version of Windows designed for business.

Unfortunately, machines loaded with Windows 8 Pro will demand a pricing premium over similarly spec'd Windows 8 systems. We ran a quick comparison survey of machines from HP, Dell, and Toshiba, and found that an upgrade to the Pro version of Windows 8 increased system prices anywhere between $35 and $100.

Me... I will gladly pay the difference!
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