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Re: Windows 7 or 8 for Hoster

If you reformat your hard drive you should be able to load it with whatever you have - provided all of the hardware is compatible to run on the Win 7 platform - which i'd bet it would be.
Or you may be able to set up a partition on your OS hard drive and load Win 7 on that section having a choice of OS when you boot up. Not sure how that works though.

Show PC Lenovo nVidia 3.2ghz proc
Win 8.1 64bit
Vid: nVidia GT720 2gb mem
Aud: Lexicon Alpha
Mem: 8gb ram
HD: 1tb int/1tb int
Test PC ASUS AMD 4ghz 8 core proc
Win 7 Pro 32 bit

Vid: LP Radeon HD 5450 Video Card - 1GB
Aud: Lexicon Omega USB I/O Interface
Mem: 16gb ram

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