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mstudio424.09, Free Upgrade Or Virus?

I have two laptops that have Microstudio installed. # 1 laptop has been installed for some time and due to a failed desktop, I recently had the desktop copy changed into #2 laptop. I've not used # 1 for quite some time and only installed, but not used # 2.

Today I opened the Microstudio # 1 and received a message that there was a free upgrade for Microstudio that would fix some problems that were listed. I downloaded and everything seemed normal. I then made a disk with two songs from my Hoster database. I listened to them and then transfered them to "write disk" list. After they were burned to a CD, I then used Microstudio to listen to the two songs. I was surprised to see that both song titles were not what the songs were originally named, but were titles that are not even in my list of songs. The artist was listed as "Len Francis Monahan" who also is not listed in my database.

Since I had not knowing downloaded the free upgrade to my # 2 laptop, I did the exact thing I did with # 1 and got the same results. I then decided that maybe when I transfered the program to it from my desktop that it already had the changes installed.

The songs do play as normal in my karaoke player, but I'm not sure why it does what it does and whether the upgrade is a virus that has caused the problem. When I accessed the MTU web site, I found there is no update/upgrade listed and the last version goes back to 2011.

Has anyone download the "upgrade" or experienced the same problems I have?

Thanks for any input,

P.S. I just checked the download and it's indicated as mstudio424.09.

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