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pass-through levels are not the same

As much as I do love the new Vogone, there is a problem only I have (would love to hear if others have this as well)....the pass-through frequencies have obviously changed, not since 3.0, but since 2.210. I find I am still hearing somewhat audible traces of vocal in this version that, when processed with version 2.210 were not audible.

Also, I have found a freeware vocal remover program that has the same 'frequencies" (if that is what they're called) as Vogone 2.210 and seems to do a better job on some songs. (I apologize if I'm being too blunt.) Since I only work with Christian music, this might be the reason why I have a difference altho I doubt it. I am one of those who tries to remove as much vocal as possible without affecting the music. It's a give & take situation! ;)

I can post mp3 samples before and after Vogone 3.50 if anyone wants them, just tell me where to post them at, or how.
Love & prayers, Lynda
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