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Re: Write Disc Aborted

I'm not an expert on CD Disc, or drives. But i can relate what i have found through the years in my project studio. Let me first say, a "Music Disc" or "Audio Disc" is not a standard of quality. Nothing magical with them. But rather a format type disc. When i first sat up my project studio several years ago to record my band, and my guitar work, i used a Philips audio recorder, which used an "audio", or "music" format type disc. Folks also had these recorders in their stereo set up, to convert cassettes to compact disc. A "Music" disc will work on a computer, but a computer data disc will not work in most home audio recorders. Like the old philps, JVC, harmon kardon recorders and some others. Ironically,this format of disc was created to guard against duplicating copy written material. Most "music" cd's are expensive, and only 74 minutes long. But if they work for you, then by all means purchase them.

I have found that for instance, i can open a new spindle of Sony blank cd's, and have a high failure rate, next spindle, all worked fine. Lets not forget here again, taiwan, and china are the world's leader in blank cd manufacturing and export. And if you're like me, i don't trust their quality control. But a few things that have worked for me. Is stay away from CDR's that are dyed, have white inkjet tops, blue ray, light scribe, multi purpose, generic, private lable (like Staples & Office Max), they may work, but i don't use them, no matter how cheap they sell for.

Some brands that i avoid:
Memorex (even their gold archive disc products)
spin master

Brands that i have found that work well for me.
mtu (top rated for cdg backup from microstudio, creating KHpro, archiving)
Taiyo Yuden
Ritek Ridata

Storage of your original CDG's are so very important, and what you store them in as well. I've found that plastic and paper just doesn't work well over the long haul for cd storage.

Hope this might help in some simple way......