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Question Re: Write Disc Aborted

Continuing to battle this problem... Burning discs from the "suspect" stack is sometimes successful on the first try. (The "suspect" stack is Memorex brand with a plain white printable top surface and silver underside.) But then the problem will pop up again another day. So far, if I try one or two more discs from the same stack, all will fail to write and show a user-abort message. But if I take a blank disc from a different stack (this one also Memorex, but with a "bare" top surface; plain shiny with no label or coating, and a bluish or teal colored underside), the write-to-disc completes successfully. THEN if I try another disc from the original stack (printable white top surface), it will succeed this time also!

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition on an old Compaq with a Pentium 4 and Microstudio 4.22. My CD-R is a Plextor PX-W5224A (don't know if that's a model or serial no.).