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Re: KHPRO Text not showing Windows 7

Originally Posted by ddouglass View Post
Submit a Support Ticket from the main MTU web page. They may be able to help you. Just because this fix didn't work for you does not mean it doesn't work for others. With all the computer and set-up variations available what works for one may not work for another.
There is a brand new driver listed for that card as of 10/25/2010. You might want to try that one. They may have fixed their problem with this one. No guarantees but it is worth a try. Neither of the previous 2 users mentioned whether they were using 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7, so no way to know if what they found worked will work for you.
Have you tried any of the other ones listed between July 2009 and current? It may not be the oldest that works. It may be one of the others and will require you to test them as well. This problem only popped up this year and MTU did quite a bit of research and trial to figure out that the current driver at the time had a flaw in it.
I tried the most recent and oldest versions of the driver on NVIDIA's website. I really don't have the time to try them all (there are many). I will try the support people, thanks.
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