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Hey Rich

Yeah, still using Wavelab for all the editing/mastering chores, and still mixing on the big digital mixer most of the time.......Using the Waves 96k card on the DM2000, which I bought for the De-essers, but love the True Verb.

Only recent software revelation has been on the video front, where I stumbled into the world of Sony Vegas and was stunned at the quality/price ratio....haven't done anything with the audio side of it, but the video is so intuitive and does so much....

Getting ready to dust off and power up my 2 MTU workstations in order, at the very least, to get some files off of them. Hope the hard drives still spin up.....It's been something like 3 years at least since I plugged them in.....we'll see.

Probably do it next week as I work on other aspects of my new rooms above my wife's green products store.....I do keep bumping in to interesting phenomena in the worlds of converters and mastering.

Feel free to contact anytime off list: or call 304-261-9426.

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