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keyrite 1400 did a great job

I just finished creating an Audio CD-R after changing keys with keyrite 1400, and it sounds pretty good on my big stereo, a smaller CD player, and my PC. I can't compare to the pro version so I don't know how much of a difference there is.

What happened I had purchased a CDG, but when I got it home I found all the song keys were totally out of my range. My wife said to take it back. I told her these were really great songs and I needed to find a way to work with them. I did a google search and I came across Keyrite. I tried the demo. I decided to start with 1400 and upgrade to pro if I needed to.

The steps I took using keywrite 1400.

1. copied the audio portion using Sonic Stage to wave files.
2. Changed the keys on all the songs using all these increments -1,-2,-3,-5,-5,and+5.
3. Created an audio CDR using Sonic Stage.

I also took songs from another CDG and lowered they keys on those as well.

The way I look at is, I have more options. Since I don't perform much anyway, I can use the CDR to practice, and I can use the original CDG live or even use the CDR if the DJ has no way of lowering the Keys on the CDG.
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