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Re: is Zoom or Mr. Entertainer good quality???

Originally Posted by kod View Post
You can also go to Karaoke search engine for the same thing!

Actually, I find this has more listings of Karaoke!
icroons only lists 3 labels in the download category which are all covered with open kj plus 5 other labels (8 download sites total vs 3) so not really sure where it will find more (actually I just did an icroons search and see they are only down to listing 2 labels now). icroons also updates new listings in weeks to months times, while openkj is updated on a daily basis from all the labels that released that day (you can view the new releases by the day, yesterday, last 7 days and last 30 days). Plus you can sort by columns if you need to sort by artist or title.

Only thing icroons has a litte more results for is the old discs - which the higher majority of users don\\\'t really care about nor can get usually when they find something they want anyway.

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