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Re: Keyrite Version 2.1.1 Problem

Originally Posted by ASAYAS104 View Post
The original format of the file as kma. like this : CB30148-3.kma
what i did I used my songverter convert it to Bin Karaoke Files(*.binwith audio + lyrics), then I use this file for the Kyrite program.
If I used the kma files staight to Kyrite the program closes with out finishing the procedure.
is there any procedure easy enough.

please advice
The original format was not KMA as that format is only used by Hoster when importing from another format such as directly from a CD or importing from the hard drive. If you got the file already in the KMA format then there is no telling where it was done or with what version of Hoster.
Converting it to BIN, changing the Key in Keyrite and then re-importing it is a good way to do it in this case.
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