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Re: KPro Studio 6.00 Issues

Thanks, Roy. I\\\'d been contemplating doing something along those lines with my editing software.

The reason I use mono files is to deal with the less-than-ideal setups in most karaoke venues. The percentage of venues is very small which have suitable layouts for listening to stereo as it was intended. The customary setup has either the two speakers pointing away from each other at 90 to cover the spread of the floorplan from the location of the karaoke equipment, or the speakers are stationed at opposite ends of a long, narrow room (bar), pointing toward each other. It ends up with one part of the room hearing the right channel and the other part of the room hearing the left channel if the track is stereo.

On top of that, you have KJs who forget to reset the speakers to stereo after playing somebody\\\'s CD with the guide vocal on one channel.

(And while we\\\'re at it, why does this forum insert backslashes in front of apostrophes?)
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