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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Thanks for your post. I just want to understand better what you are reporting.

Can you give us a visual description of "Box Up" as to what is significant about it... i.e. what does "Box Up" look like? Where did you get this bad file from... was it imported with Microstudio 4.001?

When you say "useable" do you mean it is error free, or just fewer errors than before?

Can you tell us what Manufacturer/Brand and DiscID this was imported from?
Here is what the good ones look like (imported with Microstudio 4.001):
The bad ones were unreadable, the person who wanted this song didn't like the other version I have so I tried to save this copy. Even though there is some garbage on the screen, at least they can read it.

Hot Stuff Pak 3 - HSPAK3-11 - Track 17
American Pie - Madonna

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