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File Sharing, etc., Off The Forum-


There are a few of you out there who are going to continue, like I am, trying to find a way to utilize the awesome editing power of the MTU system beyond its upgradability in our operations. I propose that we try to group and excahnge ideas and experiences but mostly outside of the forum. I am willing to share whatever I am learning about Nuendo and other software packages, and am looking for other's tips or their tricks for file sharing with MTU.....If folks e-mail me, I'll try to do group mailings back:

Jim Smith
Muddy Hole Studios, LLC
570 Poor House Rd.
Martinsburg, WV 25401

As far as Nuendo goes, it has some uses. It does do OMF, BUT DOES NOT DO IT PROPERLY WITH AVID!....This has required other software- TimeLine's TransAudio Pipeline or Fairlight's AVTransfer.
Nuendo is decent, but will never be as elegant as MicroEditor and doesn't seem to sound as good as the newest version of LogicAudio. Fred Story, a former MTU user, has apparently been using Nuendo for awhile.

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