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Thumbs up WOW! You guys are the best!!!

I Can't Believe It! - Truly Amazing!
KHPro 2.009 is GREAT!

Ok, it was so worth the wait. I am still in ahhhh of the whole thing.

I've made a few songs and they are fantastic, except on the JVC machines. All 8 of our JVC's and our one JVC machines - have problems recognizing the graphic information.
They jumble it all up.
Still love it though. We will have to use our decoder (VocoPro) systems with KHPro disc. It's not MTU its JVC - but, I wonder if MTU or anyone in the forum can figure out how to make it work on JVC machines? I've copied at 1X speed and still problems. JVC has quite a bit of the karaoke player market in the USA. I guess we'll wait and see.
If anyone can help me or has other ideas on how to get the discs to play on JVC 800 players let me know.
PS. the VOCOPRO decoder's and the Hitachi Machines work great with the KHPro Discs.
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