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Ex post facto

[quote]Originally posted by admin
[b]Bryan's post about MicroCD 2.3b being able to handle IDE and SCSI is an announcement that should please everyone. To imply that MTU has done something bizzare by doing this is rather incredible to me. Thus, I have posted two threads in the Microsound Digital Audio Workstation Forum (where these topics belong) against this post about SCSI drives. Please visit and read them: explains why MTU no longer recommends or ships SCSI CD-Recorders or hard drives, and proves that 7,200rpm UDMA/100 IDE drives DO have the throughput for multi-track Microeditor workstations. explains why MTU support is no longer free for non-MTU computers.

In answering Allan ((Actually Allen, as Dave well knows)) so others are not lead astray, what the heck does good enough for SUN web servers to take 28,000 page requests per SECOND have to do with performance of your Microeditor workstation? [snip] {/QOUTE]

Easy. It is a simple comparison of throughput requirements. If 100 horsepower will make this widget go 90 then it will certainly cover my needs to go 35.

And, by the way, I'm no great fan of bleeding edge either, that is why I'd like to stick to my perfectly functioning 2940 Adaptec card and current drives - including the orginal 1 gig Barracuda bought from MTU!

And I have, except when Dave advised against it as it was cheaper for me to get it locally, have always bought my DAW upgrades from Dave. And yes it is I who does not want to throw $450 rack case away to get an ATX motherboard. My guess, based on some of the work I'm doing for computer companies here in Silly Clone Valley, is that the ATX has about a 2 year lifespan before being replaced again. I don't want to do a major upgrade now and then when Dave replaces Krystal down the road - as will happen - do it all over again because it has all changed yet again.

By not being able to make a reasonable upgrade for for $5-700 - retain everything except the motherboard, CPU and memory of my current system - and get realtime Direct-X but instead I have to pay for an entire new computer with all new peripherals at about $2-2500 I am not encouraged to do any upgrade at all as the price will be less in 2 years and the Krystal issues will be gone.

The high cost, relatively, of adding 2 extra A/DIO of $1900 has kept me looking at alternatives and while I have not traveled the route others have, I have gotten multiple track audio files into my system. I use ADAT/DA88 or more recent versions of same depending on source material and then load the files to a hard drive in a studio I rent by the hour, lan to a second station, burn data CDs and bring them home for import into my system. So far I have not spent the $1900 in studio time to equal the cost of the extra A/DIO and I've gotten work from the studio - their overflow or work they didn't want - that more than equals what I've spent with them. Plus I get to chit chat with other pros and trade tips and war stories.

That all said, I think I agree with Dave about supporting only what they can support economically. Support is a BIG issue that will eat the heart right out of the meanest and toughest dragon and it can't be stopped. If MTU can no longer support SCSI. so be it.

But MTU knows, as all companies must learn eventually, that it is easier and cheaper, to keep the current customers than to go out in the marketplace and buy new ones, so I suggest that policies be set with that in mind.

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