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Bryan's post about MicroCD 2.3b being able to handle IDE and SCSI is an announcement that should please everyone. To imply that MTU has done something bizzare by doing this is rather incredible to me. Thus, I have posted two threads in the Microsound Digital Audio Workstation Forum (where these topics belong) against this post about SCSI drives. Please visit and read them: explains why MTU no longer recommends or ships SCSI CD-Recorders or hard drives, and proves that 7,200rpm UDMA/100 IDE drives DO have the throughput for multi-track Microeditor workstations. explains why MTU support is no longer free for non-MTU computers.

In answering Allan so others are not lead astray, what the heck does good enough for SUN web servers to take 28,000 page requests per SECOND have to do with performance of your Microeditor workstation? If you need the performance for some other product, and are willing to take all the risks of integration, and not call MTU expecting free support for your personal endeavor, then have at it.

In this type of computer upgrade, we will not provide free support other than determining if Krystal has failed. I expect that you will be pulling it in and out many times in trying to get a 15,000rpm Cheeta and SCSI card to go operational. If Krystal's gold edge fingers have been eroded, that is not covered under warranty.
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