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Re: Recording at 8x with MicroCD

Originally posted by MTUSUPPORT
MicroCD 2.3b allows recording at 8x. This version will allow you to use either IDE or SCSI.

When using an IDE drive, this must be the only CD-Recorder or CD-Rom drive in the computer. If you have multiple CD-Rom or CD-R drives in the computer, then you will need to use SCSI drives. When using SCSI drives, you can select between the SCSI ID's, to determine which drive will be used by MicroCD.
Bryan Cox MTU
Given this post I find it tres bizarre that MTU no longer supports SCSI.

Out in my neck of the woods a 3940 Adaptec Ultra 160 with LVD, 68 pin ultra wide AND 50 pin SCSI, as used by the Yamaha's, all at the same time costs $365 and the new 15,000 RPM 18.3 G Seagate Cheetah costs $500 - I drooled over one today but they wouldn't sell it to me as damaged goods - I find it hard to beat for throughput for multitrack. ATA/100 30 G sells for $229 for a good brand but doesn't have the throughput.

I figure if SCSI is good enough for SUN web servers to take 28,000 page requests per SECOND, it's probably good enough for me.
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