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Originally Posted by mindonstrike View Post
The KIAA is to karaoke manufacturers and their other members, what the RIAA is to the music industry. The RIAA has been fairly succesful in their civil cases against pirates.

Sam, I not so sure these type of organizations are the answer to the problem. Seems to this ole boy that with BMI, ASCAP, SEESAC, RIAA, KIAA and others trying to get their finger in pie of royalties, there just isn't much left for the artist. For once, I, personally, would like to see a breakdown of the money trail. I think it would really surprise you how little the writer/artist actually gets from their actions. I have never seen these figures posted anywhere, anytime. Go Figure.
I have always wondered why the writer/artist community hasn't gotten together and only allow one company to pursue this avenue, where they can control the cost, disperse the money fairly.
I see the RIAA, KIAA as basically pirates of a different color as no one authorized them to pursue the money trail. You or I can do the same thing, get the same results. Look at Eric Godrey of Arizona and his US Karaoke Alliance. He is self annointed prez, founder, and controls the dispersment of fund as he sees fit, and pays bar/club's BMI/ASCAP fees if they join his alliance in his effort to control Karaoke in the Phoenix, Ariz. area. Does anyone think this type of "enforcement" in every area of this country is what we, as entertainers/business' need?
The music/karaoke industry will only suffer more with all these companies attempting to "combat piracy". If one paid fees to all these companies to be deemed "legal" you can't afford to be in the business.
I remember a poll in this forum where the question was "are you completely 100% legal", meaning you didn't even have one illegal file. Most of you were completely honest, and most of you said you were in the High 90%, with only a few claiming 100%. I believe this is the norm for most KJ's.
Sorry for being so long winded. My comments are my humble opinion only.
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