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I just didn't like their business practices at all. They expected you to hand over your entire CD case for their inspecton, and also be the karaoke police, and squal on anyone who you think might be runnin a bad show. these clowns 50 bucks to do it. Sure wish i coulda gotten in on the ground floor on that one. Reminds me of the old musicians union turf stories i heard from the early days. Busted knees, and broken heads. You go sniffin' around a bandstand back in 1932 looking for something, you liable to be carried out of the place.

We take care of each other up round these parts. The economy is bad up here, we have the highest unemployment in the nation right here, and no hope in the near future. We do what we have to in order to survive. And that goes for homemade moonshine stills {yes we still have those up here} and those that steal huntin' dogs, and those that mess with our karaoke. We take our friendships, moonshine, and karaoke.....very seriously.

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