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Wink I just wanna sing

Its a new machine built by my tech.
Im starting all over.
Programs loaded are usual MS XP and Office.
AVG, Spybot, Spyware blaster and Cobian backup have now been added.
Nero and Roxio are not here. Can VoGone and Nero co-exist?
So whatever was previoulsy posted does not apply to this new computer. Honestly guys I was hoping moving to a new machine would help me out. I cant work on this problem solid as I have to use this machine for other things. When I load it my drives became invisible and unuseable. Which I cant do. I can only try this when there is nothing else going on. It takes me awhile to have the problem of invisible drives repaired.

Yes Bob ~ its strange, very strange. I see skepticism in your response. I feel the same.

ddouglas, ~ my use of the term "no programs loaded" meant loading any secondary beside "what I have to" loads. In reading your last response I re-ran custom updates and saw that .net Framework was overlooked. I have now done so. When my machine is free for a few days I will try a reload of VoGone. If you guys say this works Ill keep trying. This is fun eh? I love stress. What part does .Net Frame play in this? What is its function? Be as technical as you need to be.
Enough for now Im getting sleepy.
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