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Originally Posted by MikeP View Post

The short answer to your problem is it can't be done!!
OK - there are progs that will convert a mono wav file to a stereo file - but in reality all you have is 2 identical (mono) tracks
You are bashing your head against the wall trying to do the impossible!
There is further historical and background info on this in the Vogone Manual.
Will take issue with that.

Of course you wind up with duplicate tracks. It would be foolish to think otherwise.

However when dealing with a program such as KHP that requires a stereo track fpr processing, or Microstudio that will not play an 8 bit mono track one has no alternative but to convert it to a 16 bit "stereo" stereo track in order to use it.

The original question was is there a way to convert mono to stereo and the answer is yes.

Will the new Vogone with it's wider panning capability be effective with it? Who knows? It may very well remove the desired frequency range in both tracks, or it may not.

I'd sure try it if I had the need. The very worse that could happen is I'd wind up with a track that could be used in other applications.
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