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What new computer?

I've posted a couple of times in here about my older MTU MicroEditor system, which just recently crashed. (It's a unit built by MTU - a P1, running Windows 98).

I want to update my system with a new motherboard with a P3 or P4 processor, and new MTU software that utilizes XP. But I want to be fairly sure that whatever I get - whether it's a brand new off-the-shelf Dell P4 computer or a new motherboard and software to have a kind computer-savvy friend rebuild the old one scavaging stuff I already have, it will be compatible with the Krystal card I have.

I've looked at the card and the info says:

Micro Technologies Unlimited - July 1996
DSP301 v1.2 - A46A
MicroSound Krystal 1200
803-033-1 Rev D

Can you help?

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