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Re: KHPro/Studio 6.00

Got my KPro Studio 6.00.01 installed and am up and running.

Now for the problems...

I opened an existing .kpr file created with KHpro 5.01 and got the error message, "Input music file is not stereo (hr = 0x80004001)". (These are monaural mp3 music files.) When I clicked on "No" to the prompt asking if I would like to choose another music file, the message comes up, "KPro Studio MFC application has stopped working" and the program shuts down.

I had no trouble with these files in KHPro. The problem is the same (not stereo) if I create a new file using the same music files, except the program doesn't crash after the "not stereo" error message.

My OS is Windows 7.

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