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Re: KMA to MP3+G question

Originally Posted by RIKKI TIKKI View Post

I too have just started having a couple of mp3 files that will either crash songverter, or register as a corrupt file and not convert... At the time of error or crash I am attempting to convert mp3 to wav... and then use vogone to remove vocals from the converted wav file for a khpro project. I have only been using khpro, vogone, and songverter for a month or so, but this is the first time that I have had a file that songverter would not convert! Is there anything that I should be weary of, that may be causing these shutdowns/errors that I can report back with pertinent information?
Rick, unfortunately there are many different variations of MP3 files and some Songverter may not handle. Have you tried running the file through Vogone first as it will work with mp3 files, then convert in Songverter. Vogone should save the file in a compatible MP3 format that Songverter will accept.
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