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Re: KMA to MP3+G question

ddouglass yes I submitted 5.0 email May 4th got an auto reply and a then a real reply on May 6th reply from support that reads...

"I just got a fixed version, been working in customers computer all day long today. We hope it may work.

You can download it from here

This should have a fix for the Editing of the singers crash in it. This is the only item I know that was fixed. Please give me any details you can about what the issues are you that you are having. I need to know, as we really want to fix them all. Would you be available today?

Name: mtusupport
I did not hear anything back about the version 5.01. It should have fixed the issue you were also having, possibly with the incorrect parameters. Did you download and try this?

Hoster has replied and offered an upgrade for Songverter and I don't see any other options as all my karaoke songs are KMA. I hate being a slave to 1 software company and esp when I can chat live, email in 24 hours or get them on the phone.
I had extended your date on Songverter so that you could install the current version. You have not yet done this.

Please give me the answers to your issues, of what/where it crashes exactly. We are trying to fix these items, and will work with you. I have not yet had any hard specifics about your problems with Hoster 5.01. Please give these details to me.
Bryan, MTU
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