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Re: Thanks and help!

Originally Posted by baransy View Post
ddouglass yes I submitted 5.0 email May 4th got an auto reply and a then a real reply on May 6th reply from support that reads...

"I just got a fixed version, been working in customers computer all day long today. We hope it may work.

You can download it from here

This should have a fix for the Editing of the singers crash in it. This is the only item I know that was fixed. Please give me any details you can about what the issues are you that you are having. I need to know, as we really want to fix them all. Would you be available today?

Name: mtusupport

I have not had a reply since and its May 11th : (
Did you download the 5.01?
Did you reply back with the details? If you did that doesn't mean they have a fix for your problem yet.
Also I don't see any posts in the thread in Hoster Help that I pointed you to for providing details of your problem.
Hoster 5.0 had just been released about the time you ordered it. Admin had also created the thread for everyone to post any problems they found. By everyone posting their problems in one location then it is easier to see a pattern. The more details you can give the easier it is for them to try to duplicate and fix. If they cannot duplicate it then they can't fix it.

Were you running 4 licenses of version 3 before this?
What operating system are you running on all these computers?
How much Ram?
What else is running on these computers?
There are many factors that can effect how well your computer can run Hoster. The program has grown at least twice the size it was with version 3 and requires more processing speed and power than version 3 as well as Ram.
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