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Thanks and help!

Thanks ton Roy!

Bryant, I experience the same thing with 1.0 BUT Im hoping the latest songverter WORKS

I think is interesting that MTU admin reply is as short and NON helpful and wrong and others are here to help.

ddouglass yes I submitted 5.0 email May 4th got an auto reply and a then a real reply on May 6th reply from support that reads...

"I just got a fixed version, been working in customers computer all day long today. We hope it may work.

You can download it from here

This should have a fix for the Editing of the singers crash in it. This is the only item I know that was fixed. Please give me any details you can about what the issues are you that you are having. I need to know, as we really want to fix them all. Would you be available today?

Name: mtusupport

I have not had a reply since and its May 11th : (

I love Hoster 3 as it was great but with crashing problems in 4 and huger problems in 5 I need a back up program for Hoster as they let my show go down last week. Not cool after buying 4 copies at 200.00 each

Hoster has replied and offered an upgrade for Songverter and I don't see any other options as all my karaoke songs are KMA. I hate being a slave to 1 software company and esp when I can chat live, email in 24 hours or get them on the phone.
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