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Re: KMA to MP3+G question

Originally Posted by Roy Dennis View Post
To elaborate on my previous answer.
Before I answered you I converted the first four KMA files that were in a test folder on my computer using Songverter version 1.30.
I converted from AH2000-1.Kma which after conversion to Mp3+G
Showed as AH2000-01 - Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Lights.mp3 along with it's .cdg file of the same name.
I then opened my own Virtual DJ program and search for them, when you search for them in Virtual DJ it lists as Title "Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard" Artist As "AH2000-01" They do play alright.

Now if you converted your files in Hoster like this then they will not then play in Hoster unless you re-import them as kmh files.

Alternately you would have to have a complete copy of each, 1 copy as kma for Hoster and another as the converted Mp3+g to run in your DJ program thus taking up twice as much space as they use at present.

For songverter to write the mp3+g files you need to have Lame enc.dll installed on your computer.

Hope this makes things clearer.
I remember a few years back I tried to convert ALL my kma's (12,000) back to that format for use in VDJ just to have a backup program for karaoke (although VDJ is not really designed for that, but is somewhat acceptable).
About 15 of every 100 converted did not convert back to mp3+cdg, there was some errors in doing so. So when I got into 1000 of them, only about 15% were converted over. I can't quite remember, but I think it stopped at every one that errored and didn't convert, and I would have to begin the proces again where I left off. I never finished the project as a result.

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